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Solutions - the acts and processes through which a mix of resources are brought together to achieve satisfying results Case Studies
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Meeting individual and collective needs.
"Focused business intelligence with a multiplier effect for all"
One Source
Saratoga Systems
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Business Intelligence Optimization
Great information exists in many places. We conducted research to identify the best providers of information to support a business. Then we worked with them to bring their information together in a way that produced a multiplier effect - for each of the vendors and their customers.
Business Intelligence Cloud
We worked interdependently with each of the following companies to help integrate their services into an internal information infrastructure for global enterprises. With the assistance of some creative and helpful people we "cracked the codes". We conceived a solution that organized and bound different codes into what we call "bindings of freedom" that:

  • Leveraged the power of the D&B system of corporate hierarchy and information as an aggregator within a customer enterprise, and, within companies sometimes considered competitors - in ways that all benefited.
  • Integrated information from top business intelligence providers Hoover's, Inc. and OneSource.
  • Integrated Computer Intelligence information from Harte-Hanks Market Intelligence
  • Incorporated global ranking information compiled and made available by Fortune
  • Incorporated point and click capability for users of Saratoga Systems, to access information assimilated from all of the above vendors.
Strategic account people in some of the best of these companies describe what we did as being what every successful company should do! Users of the aggregated information experience being able to know more about their customers than the customers do. Some companies have used the information to learn more about themselves!
To learn more about what we do check out our solutions -
Virtual Integration; Enterprise Integration; Sales Solutions; Access & Optimization or some of our other Case Studies.
If you are a user of one of these services and want to leverage your investment contact us.
We like what these companies have to offer and will be glad to work with you and them for collective benefit.

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