Resource Network Solutions - the acts and processes through which a mix of resources are brought together to achieve satisfying results Integrating People.... Processes.... Technology
Solutions - the acts and processes through which a mix of resources are brought together to achieve satisfying results Case Studies
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Internal Resource Integration
Deirdre Curley, as the new Assistant Director for Management of the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (TDA) was faced with disparate systems and mandated requirements and the challenge to bring things together to better support and position this commercially oriented international trade agency. Under her leadership the agency contracted The Resource Network to be a technical resource to optimize and transform internal systems and mechanisms to effectively manage the agency and support U.S. businesses.
Island of TDP Information
We worked with program and financial staff inside the organization, contracted services providers, and regulatory groups to identify and synthesize needs, available resources, and opportunities. We graphically displayed the disparate pieces as "islands" and solicited ideas. We conceptualized an integrated system bringing the pieces together and forged creative solutions. We:

Integrated of TDP Information
We brought islands together. We helped the agency and its people deliver excellence - now and for the longer term.

"Richard Rodgers products provide all the information needed to make decisions. His work is characterized by impeccable integrity and creativity. His contributions have supported excellence in TDA management systems."
Deirdre E. Curley, Assistant Director
U.S. Trade and Development Agency

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