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Solutions - the acts and processes through which a mix of resources are brought together to achieve satisfying results Case Studies
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Meeting individual and collective needs.
"Meeting individual and collective needs."
The Council of State Government
National Conference of State Legislature
National Governors Association


Joint Venture Enterprise
The Hall of the State AND State Service Organization
"The new structure ... may come to have immense symbolic importance"
Columnist Neal R. Peirce
The Washington Post

Governors were concerned with a proliferation of organizations to which states were providing resources. Daniel J. Evans, then governor of Washington and Chairman of the National Governors' Association conceived the idea of a "Building of the States" to co-locate offices to achieve economies and focus. Rick Rodgers was tasked with devising and implementing a solution.
Individuals and teams of the now Who's Who of The Resource Network worked together as representatives of states and associations, real estate professionals, attorneys, architects, and more to (1) assess needs, resources, and opportunities;(2) locate, conceive, negotiate and formulate a facility; (3) conceptualize services more enhanced than any participant could then afford or envision on their own; (4) conceive and develop the State Services Organization as a joint venture between and among three of the most influential organizations to facilitate and manage the venture, and (5) market, develop and successfully launch the venture with 32 offices of states and 44 offices of state officials coming together sharing resources to better meet individual and collective needs.
Described in his book as "one of the best examples of intergovernmental relations", author David D. Arnold captures the essence of the solution that has proven to be a highly successful joint service venture:
"To get the enterprise on its feet financially as well as organizationally, Robert D. Ray, governor of Iowa, and Richard R. Rodgers, the NGA director of finance, traveled all around the country, meeting with governors and other state officials, to sell the idea of state associations and state offices moving into the building. They took a positive approach to the task, pointing out the advantages, not just the cost savings. They stressed the advantages of individual association autonomy in a setting that shared a joint library, print shop, conference facilities, and other central services. They pointed out that the synergy of proximity would strengthen both the individual and collective interests of the states."
David D. Arnold
"Public Sector Associations and State and Local Governments: A Bridge Across One Hundred Years"

The Hall of the States was an experimental foundation for what has evolved into The Resource Network. The "new structure", experienced as more than a physical building, has "immense" transferable potential.
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