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"A unifying solution -
with benefit for all"

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World Info Now

The synergy-point for global information. Targeted information for business, students and communities.

WorldInfoNow (WIN) provides the missing link to effective access and use of information and data. WIN:
  • Aggregates premier public and private data with state of the art enterprise data connectivity and delivery;
  • Offers the user sophisticated and simplified search tools;
  • Presents information, with attribution, in a ready-to-use format so that the user can immediately analyze and interpret the information; and
  • Provides a technical solution for unifying, grouping and disseminating useful information to broadened and targeted user bases.

The Rationale: A Universal Need
Great information exists in many places. The web has allowed for searching that often yields overwhelming and inconsistent results. For some the challenge is information overload, for others it is trying to define the information needed. For many of us it is the physical challenge of access. Organizations need a way of getting to, condensing and disseminating relevant information. Varying subject terminologies and groupings for otherwise similar content between and among providers frustrates the targeted market. Providers need to better reach targeted users and markets.
A Unifying Solution
WorldInfoNow offers pre-searched access and innovative linking for both users and providers of information.
Pre-Searched Access
Information from top providers is pre-searched, categorized and accessible in ready to use formats by geographic area, subject, event, and provider. Users can access geographic lineage information and "see also" links for regional groupings used by various sources. Information on select subjects is accessible via dynamic searching, indexes and cross-referencing.
Information Linking and Delivery
State of the art technology and creative use of WIN ID relationships brings new power to users and providers of information. A structured information portal is the tool through which relationships are established between and among geographic areas, subjects and information providers. Use of this tool is available to providers in a variety of techniques, from manual to dynamic feeds and pulls, to meet the needs and levels of technical sophistication of the provider. WorldInfoNow functionality can be made accessible on user and provider intranets, and integrated with internal applications and information.
Mutually Beneficial Results
World Info Now provides broad value oriented benefits that meet individual and collective needs. They can include all of the following, and more:
For End Users:
  • Targeted information to better meet user perspective and needs
  • Easy to use tool, intuitive functionality, and common data format
  • Quality information from premier information sources

For Providers:
  • New global market visibility
  • Targeted market access and penetration
  • Revenue enhancement for commercial providers
  • Mission implementation for not-for-profit and governmental providers

For Geographic Communities
  • Communication tool for communities self identification
  • Promotion tool for trade and economic development

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